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Somebody is passing by you and you felt bad odor from that person…………………………What would be your reaction? Eeeeeeeeeee……….. Oh God!

Do you want others feel the same about you? I know, obviously not.

Personal hygiene is the topic which we learn in our school. Keeping your hair trim and tidy, cutting your nails, wearing clean and ironed uniform and so on. Our teachers and our parents tried hard to teach us good habits. But alas! As we grow up, we become careless; until we reach to a stage where personal hygiene matters for our career growth and in the process of finding a life-partner.

Personal hygiene is important for both, your health and appearance. Personal hygiene not only keeps you away from illnesses and infections, but also makes you acceptable to the society. Good body image is very essential for high self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

Hair and teeth are good places if you want to check, together with those areas of the body that might smell or which are more prone to fungal/bacterial infections. Would you like to sit with a person who has dandruff or lice in his hair and has bad breadth? These things hamper your professional growth.

Personal hygiene is also essential for couples. Bad body odor, smelly feet, dirty ears, bleeding gums may ruin your relationship. Hygiene of private parts is also essential for a good sexual life.

There are few simple steps which we all know, but carelessly skip sometimes. Washing hands with soap before and after eating, after using toilets, coming back from outdoor activity is must. Brushing teeth twice a day (many skip brushing teeth at night, but it is must), taking shower daily (though bachelors say it is not cool), washing hair regularly (why to waste water?), shaving daily (really? I want to look like a movie hero), trimming nails weekly, wearing clean and ironed clothes, polished and cleaned shoes/sandals are some of the things you should always remember.

Do you know currency notes are the most unhygienic as they cannot be washed and circulates in the hands of hundreds of people? Therefore, after handling these notes and coins, you must wash your hands to keep away from germs.

We can say that maintaining good hygiene is necessary for every reason, from personal to inter personal relations, at work place, at social events, at every step of life.

So, keep a good standard of hygiene and Conquer the World!