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Is learning first-aid important for me? You must be questioning yourself. However, answer to this question lies with your past experience. Have you ever stuck at a place where you were alone and had fallen sick or got injured? Alas! There was no help. Did you ever come across a situation where your parents, grandparents, friend or child needed you in emergency and you felt helpless as you didn't know what to do, except to take them to doctor/hospital.
First aid is the first step or the initial assistance given to the sick/injured before taking him to a healthcare professional. If this assistance is not learnt properly from a trained person, you may not be able to save yourself or your near and dear ones lives. This initial assistance or treatment may be for minor ailments like cuts and burns or to the more serious injuries like heart attack, stroke, seizures (fits), fractures, choking, asthma, burns, etc. By giving basic first aid, you can not only reduce the severity of infection but also increase the chances of survival.
If you are young college student, you may have fun and adventure in your life. You may be travelling in public transport, driving bike/scooty/car, dancing, trekking and doing all the outdoor activities which may lead to some kind of injury. Learning basic first aid may help you recovering from those injuries faster. If you are a mother, your infant or child may need your help sometime in his/her growing years. If you are office goer, you may utilize your first-aid skills in your office and save somebody's life.

Choice is yours. Learn first aid……..Be a hero for at least one person in your life!