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Self-defense classes?............Oh no! I don't need……I am a man. I know how to protect myself and my family. These classes are for women and children as they are vulnerable. I only need to go to gym and build my body.

This is the common reaction of a man when he is asked to join self-defense classes. Just building your muscles and body in a gym doesn't ensure your safety. For that you need to learn a few defensive tricks.

Believe me, self-defense training is not gender based. Learning these techniques (through various martial arts, karate, jiu jitsu, taekwondo, boxing, etc) are essential for everyone. They not only keep your body fit, but also your mind alert and balanced. Self-defense classes teach how to focus on a target while maintaining the balance of your body.

As crime has increased in the society and we all feel unprotected after listening to the media/news. Be it children, young girls & boys or adults, nobody is safe. We are observing sodomy, rape incidents, murder cases all around in our modern society.

We cannot change others but can only work on ourselves. Learning skills of self-defense not only builds confidence in you but also transforms you to a better person. It eventually makes you prepared for any sudden attack, by enhancing your awareness for your surroundings. Self-defense classes will help you to be aware at all times and ready. These classes also help to develop fighter's reflex, where you are trained to move quickly and smartly, where to step and where to throw your punch.

Other advantages include teaching a person self-respect, trust on others and setting goal in his/her life. Goal-setting in one's life is very important; it helps one to get through any tough situation that comes the way.


In short, we can say that undergoing self-defense training can have a positive impact in your life. It boosts your warrior spirit and make you more confident, smarter, stronger and better version of yourself.