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Spiritual Counseling with Vipasha

Life is an open secret. Everything is available, nothing is hidden. All that you need is just eyes to see.-----OSHO

Yes, truly said by Osho. A few of you would agree to that, specially those who are blessed with devine powers to see this open secret. One such amazing person is Vipasha, who at very young age has the power to read your past and present, and not just that, her accurate predictions mesmerize any person who comes in her contact. She is a great Tarot card reader, Palm reader and a Spiritual Healer. Her simple but devine guidance will leave you with positivity & inner strength. She has done counsellings for many celebreties (both Indian and International) and a few of the reviews about her are as follows:

“Vipasha is a true healer. She has a pure & compassionate soul which conncected me to my inner peace and strength. She has brilliance in her skill of palmistry & tarot which enabled her to give detailed as well as informative anwers to questions. I recommend her to everyone seeking divine guidance.”

“Vipasha is an amazing person and her palm reading and tarot card reading is remarkable. I was going through a rough phase in life when I met her and she patiently listened to all my problems and provided me the solutions which helped me a lot. She meets people with a lot of warmth and compassion and her predictions are stunningly accurate. I have met her twice and my experience with her has been just amazing and I look forward to meet her again in future.” 

So, if you are confused, tensed and facing any problem; your energy channels are blocked & you are seeking guidance to make the right way out---this session is for YOU. Book your slot for one-to-one counseling with Vipasha. Call at 91-8377952421 to know more.


Know your powers: Self-defense training for women

Women in India face a lot of problems every hour, every day relating to their safety, security, self-respect and social image. Our culture promises all the women to be most respected, worshipped and protected by her kith and kin, but today's ground reality is quite the opposite. There are a few exceptions in some pockets of our society, but in majority of the areas, the conditions are against women and extremely shameful, be it for working women, homemakers or students. Not only outside on road, but women are molested inside their homes and offices too by familiar people.

Learning self-defense techniques make the person strong mentally. It keeps you alert, confident and courageous. Please remember Self-defense is NOT martial art BUT just a part of martial art.Martial art is an art form and a sport while self-defense is the approach of real life to defend yourself in unacceptable situations. Learn self-defense & get ready to be more confident YOU. Enrol now!

We work on small batches, and not in large groups, so that each woman/girl is skilled efficiently and enable them to protect themselves in any unforeseen situation or even violent attacks.

Batch starting in Dwarka, New Delhi

Please call us at 91-8377952421 to know more.